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Tile cleaning in Ireland can be achieved by a number of different methods. Unfortunately, not every method is right for every type of tile. Types of tile can vary significantly and therefore require different cleaning to avoid leaving marks or abrading surfaces.


Ceramic tiles are relatively easy to clean. If swept regularly then they only require mopping with detergent to remove the majority of dirt. The floor will also appear to be cleaner if the grout is grey rather than white; white grout picks up dirt and can ruin the appearance of your clean tiles.


Stone tiles can be slightly more challenging. Although mopping with detergent is often effective, this will only remove light dirt and is ineffective if the tiles are uneven. If the stone floor is not sealed it will also stain very easily and need cleaning on a regular basis. By sealing your floor you can avoid stains in the first place, but the seal will need re-doing occasionally.


If your stone floor is already stained it may need a special cleaning product. Many DIY stores will provide such products and they can often be applied using a cloth or sponge. Once this product has been used it may be worth re-sealing the floor to avoid stains in the future.


Of course, when cleaning tiles, it is important to consider the grout. If your grout is absorbent it can be coloured and sealed in one process by colour sealing. This can be very effective but expensive if you have to hire a professional. A cheaper method of cleaning tile grout is to buy grout cleaner from DIY stores and apply it using a toothbrush or small sponge. This method can also be used with bicarbonate of soda and a small amount of vinegar for an even more cost-effective grout cleaner.