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Terrazzo Cleaning & Repair In Greenisland, Belfast, Co. Antrim

This domestic job was a very rewarding project on a number of fronts. It allowed us to showcase our technical colour-matching expertise and to match Portland cement based terrazzo which was almost a century old.

Initially we were commissioned to replace a botch job where concrete had been filled into the floor to replace missing and broken terrazzo. We originally had intended to carry out a simple colour match using two part epoxy/polyester resin with a suitably aggregated marble chip. When we arrived to begin the job the client had removed all but one of the kitchen cabinets and wanted a more extensive replacement carried out. Oh the joys of communication!

We decided that it was best to cut away all the broken terrazzo and remove the unsightly concrete. Then we set about colour-matching our Portland Cement Based Terrazzo with the existing floor. This was mixed with  a 3-4mm & 4-6mm black marble chip and 4-6mm white marble chip. When the mix was thoroughly filled, tamped and rolled we left the overfilled floor for three days prior to heavy grinding. The young householders were patient over a long weekend and careful not to walk on the fresh parts of the floor.

On Monday we were able to heavy grind the terrazzo, new and old, and to blend in the heights and reveal a lovely complementary band of new terrazzo. This we densified with a proprietary densifier before continuing to work up through the diamond grits until the desired effect was achieved. Finally the floor was powder polished and sealed with a tough, commercial grade acrylic sealer for lasting easy maintenance. More happy clients for Old 2 New Tiles!

We were pleased to be able to create a complementary section of terrazzo floor to match with the original from the 1930s. This home now boasts a beautifully restored floor with the character of 90 years of history.

Please see attached project images for further description and the links to our other terrazzo pages.

Terrazzo Repair in Belfast - After

A sparkling terrazzo floor after restoration

Terrazzo Repair in Belfast - Before

A ruined terrazzo floor before restoration


Kitchen Terrazzo Repair Belfast After

Beautiful Terrazzo Kitchen after repair

Kitchen Terrazzo Repair Belfast Before

Badly Damaged Terrazzo Kitchen Floor


Terrazzo skirting restoration - After

.Sparkling terrazzo skirting after cleaning

Terrazzo Skirting Restoration - Before

Dirty terrazzo skirting before cleaning