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Terracotta Cleaning in Lurgan

We were asked to restore this handmade terracotta floor in a kitchen in Lurgan after having tiled the bathroom in this house a few years ago. The floor was soiled, dirty and smudging with incorrectly applied sealer which had built up over many years.


Our first task as always was to prepare the work area with masking and removing furniture etc. That done we quickly set about stripping all the old sealer and removing all the sludge and dirt and staining. We used our proprietary wax and polish stripper with very hot water. This was very effective in stripping everything from the tiles. The sludge was removed with a large wet vacuum.


When the floor was stripped we then had to neutralise it and rinse with lots of water to ensure a neutral ph before the application of any new sealers. At this stage we installed a dehumidifier and left the property for a full twenty four hours to dry. It was very important to dry the fllor completely to avoid the whiteness from coming through in the later stages. Also this is important to avoid efflorescence and blooming.


The following day we returned to a dry floor and began to apply the four coats of acrylic wax. This left a beautiful and deeply lustrous floor which was ready for many years of hard wearing service. Handmade terracotta tiles in a kitchen floor are a beautiful complement to a traditional country kitchen and with the correct and simple maintenance programme it is very easy to keep and should look good for many years.