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Ireland Stone Cleaning – Daily maintenance

In general it is important to clean using a few simple rules and techniques.


The first rule of thumb is to use very gentle cleaners as these will not damage the stone. It is best to use neutral ph cleaners (ph 7 ) which will allow you to clean the surfaces gently without endangering the breakdown of the sealers in or on the stone. If an aggressive cleaner is used (either strongly acid or alkaline ) the stone will become etched , dull and the sealers previously applied will be broken down and rendered useless


The second rule of thumb is to clean and dry: that is, one should remove as much of the liquid, detergent, water or sludge created during the cleaning process immediately after cleaning. This may be achieved by dry mopping or wet vacuuming the surface. If it is a small area it may be even worthwhile drying the surface with a soft old towel. The purpose of this and the reason it is so important is that if we allow the soiled sludge or water to rest on the cleaned surface then it will soil it again and so the process will be rendered useless. This is particularly important where there are deep grout lines and where there is capacity for lots of dirty sediment to settle and the reason that lots of grout lines look so dirty.


The third rule of thumb is to do little and often . It is much more effective to clean a surface often, be it a floor or countertop. This allows smaller amounts of dirt to be removed more easily and effectively without necessitating heavy cleaning techniques. On floors it is generally sufficient to moist mop a floor daily with a misted solution of neutral ph cleaner.


To conclude our last rule of thumb is that we should remove any spillages immediately and treat the area if mildly stained with a mild neutral detergent. Should this be ineffective in removing the staining then please refer to our next section on periodic deep-clean.