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Slate Cleaning in Banbridge

This was a relatively straightforward job for us and close to home!- Excellent.


Our first job was to mask up all edges, skirtings and kitchen unit gable ends to prevent any damage to the surroundings. That done we mixed our proprietary floor polish and sealer stripper at a dilution rate of 20% and covered the floor tiles. The dirt was very thick on the tiles, the previous sealer not having properly cured and therefore failing and allowing dirt and grime to adhere to the floor. With a low speed rotary machine from Klindex we agitated the stripper for some twenty minutes to produce a very dark and mucky sludge.


We vacuumed this heavy sludge off the floor and repeated the process. This time the sludge was a little less dirty and heavy and after some twenty minutes we again vacuumed the floor. Again we repeated the process and this time the sludge was almost clear and very light in consistency. This was our sign to switch from a black pad to a soft brush on the machine and use a neutralising solution to remove the alkalinity from the floor. This process was repeated until the original sealer and polish was completely gone as well as the stripper solution.


What we were then left with was a clean and ph – neutral floor which just needed some time to dry out completely. Time for lunch! After a few hours with floor fans in place the floor was dry and ready for the first of three coats of our preferred black slate sealer. This sealer is a very hard wearing acrylic sealer from Buckeye and really stands up to hard wear situations. It is particularly effective in sealing and protecting black slate floors as it enhances the colour very well and brings out a lovely lustre to the floor.


After a half hour wait the floor was ready for another coat at cross angles to the original application. This allows the floor to present a nice even finish. Another wait and time to tidy up all tools and rubbish and the floor then got its third and final coating. After another half hour the floor was finished, beautiful and protected and ready for many years of further service.


We then took a little time to explain the best system to use in order to keep the floor at its best. We supplied a little extra sealer to touch in for future use and some high quality neutral cleaner for use by the client.


Another happy customer for Old 2 New Tiles Ltd!