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Cleaning Slate Northern Ireland After

Slate Cleaning Northern Ireland After

Cleaning Slate Northern Ireland Before

Slate Cleaning Northern Ireland Before

Slate is a fine grained foliated metamorphic rock. This natural stone is popular for its hard wearing attributes and its natural beauty. Generally slate tiles come in either coloured (containing greens and reds and blues) or black colour. They also are presented as either low honed, high honed or polished and exhibit a deep lustrous sheen when properly sealed for long lasting use. Slate cleaning should be a simple and straightforward process if the tiles have been properly sealed with the correct slate sealer. In the event that the floor becomes lacklustre or heavily soiled and stained then we suggest a periodic deep clean to return the floor to its best condition.

We have a tried and tested restoration schedule specifically created for cleaning and restoring slate tiles, slate flooring and natural stone flooring and we are confident that our results will please you and leave your floor cleaned, restored and protected. It is preferable to strip these tiles chemically but in the event of deep scratching and scraping diamond grinding and polishing may be required. As with all jobs undertaken we will be happy to provide you with advice on ongoing maintenance for your slate floors.

Cleaning slate and restoring it fully involves the application of alkaline emulsifiers which break down the existing sealers. This is followed by a two stage neutralising of the slate tiles before allowing the slate to fully dry. The slate floor is then sealed with a high grade slate sealer to suit the client’s wishes. This then leaves the slate floor with a long lasting protective sealer which will promote ease of cleaning and importantly be pleasing to the eye.

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Cleaning Slate Northern Ireland

Slate Cleaning northern Ireland