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Marble cleaning is often viewed as requiring a particularly specialised cleaning technique. However, there are many different methods of marble cleaning in Ireland, some of which are easier and cheaper than others.

Baking powder is a popular and inexpensive marble cleaner. Being a light abrasive, baking powder can naturally disinfect and remove dirt from marble without leaving marks of its own on the surface. This is a very effective cleaner for those looking for a cheap cleaning option and it also has the added benefit of not containing any harsh chemicals. This is good news for the floor and your lungs!

Another effective marble cleaner is distilled water. Often found in DIY stores, distilled water can clean light dirt and rinse the surface of the floor. Although not highly effective for stain removal, this method is non-abrasive and perfect for more expensive or delicate marble flooring.

White spirit is another popular marble floor cleaner. Also available from many DIY stores, white spirit will remove wax, oil or grease from a marble floor. As with any cleaning product, it is important to wear gloves at all times during this cleaning process.

Marble cleaning can also be achieved using 2% non-ionic detergent. Often combined with distilled water, this liquid can achieve effective cleaning without abrading the surface or removing wax that has been added to preserve particular areas of the floor.

As well as liquid cleaning methods, it is also possible to dry clean a marble floor. When dry cleaning it is important to avoid abrasives such as wire or sanding sponges. Instead, it is possible to buy natural rubber sponge products that will not abrade the surface of the marble. This method is particularly advisable if liquid cleaning may affect the surface of your marble.