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A perfect marble floor after marble cleaning
Marble Floor After Diamond Polishing Northern Ireland

Marble Cleaning Northern Ireland After

Before Pic Marble Cleaning Northern Ireland

Marble Cleaning Northern Ireland Before

Beautiful Polished Marble floor after restoration treatment

This polished Marble floor was diamond grinded and polished to leave a beautiful finish which was sealed for ease of maintenance

Polished Marble Floor Tiles partially cleaned to demonstrate the difference between the two

This floor was filthy, stained and needed diamond grinded and diamond polished



It would be fair to say that in the maintenance and restoring industries working with marble is our bread and butter type of work. It is extremely well known for the little problems and challenges that it throws up and consequently it is also fair to say that it is generally not a troublesome floor with which to work.

This type of floor has long been of pre-eminent popularity with architects and specifiers in the commercial sector where budgets traditionally have not been relatively so tight as the domestic sector. This popularity has shifted and spread to domestic markets now and this has thrown up a whole new sub sector of restoration with more and more private clients needing the services of professional restoration companies.

Our procedures for dealing with the particular challenges of restoring marble are constantly being updated as new materials and systems become available, but in general the gist of it is simply to diamond grind out any serious lippage and scratching and then to finish with diamond polishing and compound polishing. These systems combine to produce a mirror like finish at its highest polish or a low honed finish for an easier to maintain and perhaps more characterful finish.

Old 2 New Tiles works closely with the client at all times to manage expectations and to create the desired finish in order that each and every client is left happy and informed. It is of the utmost importance to us that the client is fully appraised of the potential and limitations of their floor and that they are made very familiar with the proper maintenance schedule. Put simply again the client needs to know how to look after their floor because it will be them who will be looking after their floor!

Our services in the restoration of marble include marble cleaning, marble polishing, tile and grout cleaning, marble repair, tile cleaning and general floor repair. We hope that you find enough information herein to help you make informed decisions as to the best next step in cleaning your marble tiles.

In these examples of our work various problems from scratching, lippage , dullness, ingrained dirt, and improper sealing have all been addressed leaving the various floors clean, sealed and in a general good state to withstand heavy traffic over time.

Example Work

Marble Polishing Northern Ireland After

Marble Cleaning Northern Ireland After

Marble Polishing Northern Ireland After

Marble Polishing After Diamond Polishing Northern Ireland