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Northern Ireland’s Specialist Limestone Cleaning

Advice on Cleaning Limestone tiles has become very pertinent in Northern Ireland as more and more householders have treated themselves to his luxury floor type. It appears that lots of people have installed various stone floors and bathrooms in Northern Ireland without being properly informed about the need for a maintenance programme to ensure the proper upkeep of the tiles.

This is a short guide for those who are struggling to clean and maintain limestone tiles.

  1. Use a damp or moist mop for daily cleaning instead of a traditional wet mop. At Old 2 New Tiles we find a flat micro – fibre mop with a slight dampness works well to remove daily grime and dust.
  2. We always use a ph neutral cleaner ( like Neugel, easy-care, or such) to perform our daily clean as these contain sufficient detergents to adequately clean the floors and  without having the harshness of acids or alkaliis which would damage the surface.
  3. It is a useful technique to vacuum your limestone often. This removes dust and grit which when walked into the floor create scratches and scrapes  and cause dulling of the polish.
  4. When a deep clean is needed make sure to dry the joints as much as possible as this will prevent soiled water from gathering in the joints and remaining there to cause further soiling
  5. Always use a clean mop for cleaning your Limestone floors as otherwise you are effectively moving the dirt on your floor from one area to another. On larger limestone floors it is critical that you change the washing water often so as to avoid re-contaminating the floor. You should closely watch the water and be ready to replace it when needed
  6. Try to clean the floor little and often. Avoid leaving the floor until it is very dirty before cleaning as it is always better to remove a little at a time. This is because we need only very mild detergents to remove the dirt and contaminants whereas if we allow a build – up of heavy soiling we will need to use more powerful detergents which can damage the floors.
  7. Clean up spillages immediately to prevent the possibility of staining the limestone. Even the mildest spillage can cause mild etching of polished limestone so it is important to remove the source of contamination as soon as possible.
  8. If you find yourself facing stains or problems beyond your comfort zone call in the professionals at Old 2 New Tiles who will give you an expert assessment and advice on how to best alleviate your concerns.


The general spirit of our advice to carers of limestone floors in Northern Ireland is to create an awareness of the need to be gentle, keep it as dry as possible and do it often and remove the small dirt in order that you do not have to engage in harsh deep – cleaning.