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Polishing Limestone Northern Ireland After

Cleaning Limestone Northern Ireland After

Cleaning Limestone Northern Ireland Before

Cleaning Limestone Northern Ireland Before


Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed at the depths of the oceans and consists principally of calcium carbonate. Limestone tiles have become a favourite of architectural specifiers and interior designers alike as a richer alternative to wooden floors. Limestone floors generally require a fairly strict and regular maintenance schedule by a professional restorer to maintain the optimum appearance. Properly tested penetrative sealers are recommended to inhibit acid ingress, etching and the staining associated with oil based contaminants.

The deep-cleaning, grinding and diamond polishing of limestone is very skilled job requiring much experience in the field to get right. The problems which often go with the restoration of limestone is how tricky it can be to replicate the factory shine which the floor boasted when new.

However the beauty of limestone, with all the typical and characteristic swirling and petrified seashells and lustrous colourings and mooded shadings , Limestone is indeed a very beautiful stone. More often than not it is worth thinking about giving the tiles a beautifully high honed finish. This is a beautiful finish to look at an given that limestone is a soft stone on the moh scale it can be a wise choice as opposed to creating a high polish and then struggling to maintain that high finish.

It has been our experience that with the proper experience and correct diamond abrasive which are created just for limestone then it is possible to recreate that beautifully stylish and characterful floor or wall. Then the task is finished with a choice of penetrating or topical sealers to prolong the life of the surface.

There are many types of limestone available on the market today and among the most popular are Bath Stone, Coniston Limestone, Portland Limestone, Jura Limestone, Jerusalem Limestone and Capri Limestone. Although there may be similarities between the formative processes and even chemical makeup of these stones there is a vast difference in the hardness, general appearance and behaviour of all these very different forms of Limestone. The challenge to specifiers is to choose wisely in placing stones in arenas which suit their characteristics.

Please see our diamond grinding and diamond polishing guide for a more in depth view of how we actually go about restoring a limestone floor to rid it of scrapes, scratches and stains.

We always recommend a low satin or medium honed finish in order to facilitate ease of maintenance in the home.

After restoration using our diamond grinding and diamond polishing techniques we use proprietary sealers to optimise the appearance and longevity.

Over the years we have acquired a great deal of experience in working with limestone tiles and limestone slabs and look forward to restoring your floor. We restore limestone floor all over Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.

Examples Of Our Work


Polishing Jura Limestone Northern Ireland  After

Polishing Jura Limestone Northern Ireland After

Cleaning Jura Limestone Northern Ireland Before

Cleaning Jura Limestone Northern Ireland Before