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Problems associated with cleaning grout

We have all come to the realization that our grout has become grubby and stained. This can be a sudden realization after a gradual build-up over time of dirt and contamination. So what to do???


I want to include a few of the rules of thumb which are used by professionals which are easily applied with or without specialist equipment and or cleaning detergents.


1. Evaluate the dirt or contamination- is this just general soiling or does this foul mess contain deep staining?


2.General soiling can be removed with the use of general cleaners. It is important herein to ensure that when the normal cleaning process is finished that you always remove as much of the cleaning sludge as possible to prevent contaminated cleaning solution from finding its way into the lowest part of the floor which is generally the grout lines. It is very common to find the lady of the house mopping the floor daily with a dirty mop which is creating a pooling of dirt in the grout joints every time she tries to clean the floor! SO make sure to dry the floor each time you wash it. This can be done by squeezing the mop tightly and lifting the solution with the drier mop


3. With staining in the grout the process is a little more involved but please do not be daunted. Even as a householder and without access to specialist equipment there is a lot that can be done to remove staining. Depending on the tile type ( ie. ceramic,porcelain or natural stone) you may use more or less aggressive detergents. If you have a porcelain floor then you can use very strong alkaline detergents/strippers to break down fats and grease stains. If you have a polished marble floor then care must be taken to use milder and definitely non acidic cleaners in order that you do not damage the surface of the tiles themselves. Remember that alkaline cleaners will tend to break down fats, oil and grease but may also remove sealers on natural stone if used neat or for prolonged periods of time


If the above advice fails to help in your quest for clean and stain free grout then it may be time to call in the professionals who have the experience to know exactly what to do to restore your floor


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