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Granite is probably the hardest of stones in common usage in the domestic and commercial flooring sector today. Its high density and relative hardness make it a natural choice where low maintenance and good looks are needed.

Although granite tiles do not suffer from acid etching per say, when acidic contaminants are allowed contact with granite for a prolonged period of time there can be a dulling and discolouring effect. This can largely be prevented by using high quality penetrating sealers at the point immediately following installation.

Other restoration issues normally occur with common cracking which is carried out as usual with colour matching two part epoxy resins.

It is not unusual that small pinholes and craters appear in isolated areas in granite floors. These can be addressed using our diamond grinding and diamond polishing systems. Granite being a very hard stone tile the diamond grinding can be a slow and painstaking exercise and one best left to experienced professionals who will be able to reproduce the original brilliant shine.

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