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No matter how careful you are, your floors will eventually need cleaning. Floor cleaning in Ireland is very specific to the type of floor that you have. But whether you have tiles or vinyl, marble or natural stone, hardwood or softwood, it’s important to get the floor as clean as possible without leaving any noticeable marks on the floor or your bank balance.


Cleaning natural hard floors such as limestone or slate requires a special type of cleaning. Often with an uneven surface and natural cracks, natural hard floors are easily scratched and abraded by everyday use. Traditional and simple cleaning methods such as soap or floor cleaning wipes are ineffective on such an uneven surface. Unfortunately, such floors may require pressurised floor cleaning with a specialised machine in order to remove the dirt that can’t be reached by hand.


Wooden floors don’t necessarily need such specialised cleaning equipment. Wooden floors can be revitalised using simple and easy cleaning methods. One such method is polishing, which can give the floor a new shine in just one coat. A similar and equally effective method is varnishing, which leaves a slightly darker finish but still produces a shine. For more extreme marks and dirt, a wooden floor may need sanding. This can be completed by an expert or through hiring a sanding machine.


Vinyl flooring is often found in commercial spaces or kitchen areas. This type of surface is extremely tough and durable to everyday use. Many such floors will be sealed or finished to avoid dirt from gripping to the surface. Despite this, floor cleaning may be necessary on occasion. Successful vinyl floor cleaning can be achieved through a low pressure heat cleaner, which can be hired out. Of course, vinyl floors can be cleaned regularly with wipes or soap which will often achieve a similar finish unless stained.