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Commercial Terrazzo Floor Restoration Belfast

This terrazzo floor in a shopping centre in Newtownards near Belfast was badly pitted, stained and with very dirty grout. Our main focus in restoring the terrazzo was to renew the grout before diamond grinding and diamond polishing the floor in general. As can be seen from the accompanying pictures the old grout, made from discoloured Portland cement, had badly deteriorated over time. There was a lot of grout missing and previous repair attempts had widened the joints significantly. Our main challenge was to remove the old grout without adding to the problem of joints being too wide.


Having done all the appropriate masking and protecting of the immediate environment we set up our equipment and began to remove the grout. Pre-eminent amongst the tools we used here were the very large and powerful vacuums which are commercially designed to remove all airborne dust and to avoid any dust clouding and contamination of the surroundings. With these engaged we were able to avoid any such problems and continued to extract all the necessary grout using hand-held grinders with dust shrouds fitted.


Next we had to over fill all the joints with two – part polyester resin. After some few minutes we then refilled the joints with the same polyester resin to ensure that there remained no slumping and that each joint was completely filled.


After all the filling was completed and dried out and set fully we began our diamond grinding process. This began at a very aggressive metal bond diamond which very quickly removes all the excess resin and all dirt, staining, contamination and pitting from the floor. At this stage we were left with a very clean and flat but very dull floor. Then we progressed through all the stages of diamond grinding until we had a honed floor.


Then we progressed onto the diamond polishing stage which we carried out using resin bond diamonds and a very high speed machine. We continued until we reached a 400 grit finish and the floor exhibited a clear sheen and clear reflection. We then burnished the floor to prepare for sealing.


The sealing of the floor is an optional finish and in this case the client opted for a high gloss finish. The floor was therefore sealed and burnished leaving a beautiful and protected floor which was ready for many years of service – free from dirt, contamination, staining and pitting.


Another happy client for Old 2 New Tiles Ltd!