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Stone floor Guide Northern Ireland

Two types of stone in general use for floors in Northern Ireland

A bullet guide to knowing and cleaning your stone floor


Calcareous stones

( Containing calcium carbonate )

Generally softer stones which are sensitive to acidic detergents.

Marble                 -              Travertine           -              Limestone

  • Neutral detergent must be used. Avoid all harsh cleaning agents and grout cleaners as these will etch the stone.
  • Moist mop daily to remove dust, dirt and grit. This will help prevent scratching and scraping the floor
  • Vacuum occasionally to ensure dust etc. is removed
  • Towel dry smaller areas where possible after wet mopping to prevent soiling of grout joints
  • Place non slip mats at the entrance to create a barrier between the dirt and your floor




Siliceous Stone

( Containing or consisting of Silica )

 Very durable and may be washed using mild acid detergents

Granite                                -              Sandstone          -              Slate

  • Mildly acidic cleaning agents may be used on these stone types
  • Always rinse with clean water after any non- neutral washing to prolong the natural polish on the floor
  • These floors may be wet mopped often but a moist mop to remove dust and grit is normally adequate for daily maintenance
  • Place door mats at all entrances which open onto outdoor areas and especially areas of broken, unfinished or unpaved ground