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Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Grout in Marble Floors

A short bullet point guide on the do’s and don’ts of cleaning grout in marble floors

  • Do  clean the floor very gently with a neutral ph cleaner
  • Do thoroughly clean and dry all grout residues from the face of tiles immediately upon installation; otherwise grout hazing can present and lead to other problems of etching the marble tiles. Failure to do this can lead to the need for professional refinishing and re-polishing of the marble, travertine or limestone
  • Do not use harsh acidic or alkaline cleaners on grout in polished stone or marble floors as this will damage the body of the adjacent tiles and can lead to etching and a breakdown of sealers.
  • Do not use normal grout restorers or grout cleaners on sensitive marble floors as there is a high risk of acid etching from their use.
  • Do use a purpose made grout brush and gently agitate the dirty grout with this to help the detergent do its work. The properly shaped brush tends noe to scratch the face of the tiles.
  • Do not use general scrubbing brushes or deck brushes as these will inevitably scratch the edges of adjacent tiles. This will need to be removed using diamond polishing and is not a cheap process to carry out. This prevents re- contamination of the grout and is the best habit to form in grout cleaning.
  • Do dry up any cleaning solution immediately after cleaning grout, once you are satisfied its work is done. Rinse the floor thoroughly and then dry off the joints to avoid pooling of soiled residues in the grout joints.
  • Do not wash the floor or grout joints and then half-heartedly rinse it off.  You are only working against yourself and essentially just moving dirt and soiling from one area to another.
  • Do use a wet vacuum if possible for cleaning grout as it is a fantastic aid in disposing of soiled residues from the grout joints. It is also a very useful aid in general floor cleaning in that it allows for proper wet mopping on a more regular basis.
  • Do clean often to avoid the build-up of soiling which can lead to staining.
  • Do ask you professional restoring company for a schedule to maintain your floor and then stick rigidly to it. Avoid committing to an overly burdensome programme which you will probably not stick to as it is best to find the simplest solution and then you are more probably going to stick with it.
  • Do not be afraid to ask your professional restoration company for advice on cleaning and maintaining your floor even long before you are thinking of engaging their services for restoring the floor. If they are competent and customer focused they will enthusiastically help you formulate a simple plan for looking after your floor.
  • Do remember to enjoy your floor. It may not be new but remember to look for beautiful characteristics in your limestone, marble or travertine which may be worn but still beautiful. A showroom finish is attractive but what is also very pleasant is a honed finish or even a worn look. The showroom finish is something which you can treat yourself to every few years but I think it is vital to enjoy the character of the floor in its full cycle of being from polished, honed, worn to needy!